Make Learning Fun With Wooden Name Puzzles

Make Learning Fun With Wooden Name Puzzles

Give your kids an interesting game with which they love to play and learn something along with it. brings to you a wide collection of toys for kids with their new wooden name puzzle games. Puzzle games always attract the interest of little ones and when it is about solving their name puzzle, it keeps them engaged more. There are many choices you can offer to your kids. Visit our official websites and pick your choice. this is one of the best companies that offer quality wooden name puzzle games in the USA.

We take care of every corner while crafting these wooden puzzles. We make every surface even rightly and we soften every corner of the board so that your little ones can play with our toys harmlessly. Tell your requirement and we suggest you the best wooden name puzzles for your kids. Gift these products to little champs and you will surely get innocent smiles in return. These wooden name puzzles are really learning as well as an entertaining game for them.

We bring to you some of the best-selling products:

1 Seller Wooden Name Puzzle:

This one seller wooden name puzzle can contain 12 letters. We are giving you the best option to make your kid happy. This learning educational toy is custom made and you can add your personalized thought to it. We are using Baltic wood to make this personalized name puzzle. Remember that not all puzzles are equal in length because it completely depends on the name and letters used in it.

2 NAMES on Single Board:

With this, you can choose 12 letters for each row. Send your chosen names inscribed on the wooden boards. Our craftsmen are known for their fine quality works and they are giving their best to make this personalized wooden name puzzles the best products for your kids. We are ensuring that the quality of the product meets your demands.

3. Wooden Handmade Personalized Name Stool Puzzle:

This is a beautiful product. Your kid’s name will be inscribed on a wooden stool. You can choose a 9-letter name for this and you don’t need to pay any extra cost to make this personalized tool. You can even choose non-toxic paint for these products. To give it a brighter look, our designers also work with pastel colors and prime colors. Sturdy and handcrafted constructions give it a smooth finish.

Wooden name puzzles are designed with a motive to boost logical thinking of kids by letting them solve the puzzle of names. They can improve their spelling and can recognize letters early of their age. Visit to explore more products.

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