Personalized Name Puzzles-Made in U.S.A

Every name puzzle from KIDZ.COM is specially custom made for your child. Good gifts for kids leave a lasting impression on not only the child but the parents too. Surprise your daughter, son, niece, nephew, or grandchild with a Custom Name Puzzle and let them get to work learning how to spell and their own name.


Why KIDZ.COM Puzzles?

Skill Building For Preschool Children

Hands-on activities help kids learn and retain lessons in number recognition, counting, shapes, and other preschool number skills through fun, active play.

Spelling Puzzle Boards

Designed with little ones in mind, each puzzle is self-correcting, which makes it easier for kids to puzzle out the one right answer.

Helping With Fine Motor Skills

Help children develop fine-motor and pre-scissor skills and get ready for writing, cutting, and more.

Welcome To KIDZ.COM team of toy and design geeks keep busy creating and obsessing over custom educational toys and exclusive collectibles.

Educational Toys- MADE IN USA

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