Puzzle Games And Self Esteem In Kids

Puzzle Games And Self Esteem In Kids

Puzzle games have many problematic turns that give interest to your kid. When they perfectly place a piece on the board, their mind is filled with joy. Puzzle games bring improvements in your kid’s thoughts. This is why parents choose puzzle games for their child’s play. It offers them education through their play. Visit and pick a wooden name puzzle. Nothing can be better than the wooden name puzzle to start with.

Along with so many benefits including problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and more, these puzzle games also develop self-esteem in children. They feel happy and content when they get success in completing puzzles. You need to remember that buy puzzles that are suitable for your child’s age. If your baby is too small to handle complex things, you can gift a wooden name puzzle to him/her.

Every puzzle has its rules and regulations. These games are designed magnificently to engage your kid’s interest. After completing the puzzle, sometimes it takes a look of a beautiful flower or it turns into your child’s favorite vehicles.

So, your kids will feel the joy of success and it improves their confidence too. For this confidence, puzzle games have a role to play. But, you need to make sure that they don’t get irritated for their attempt to match the pieces rightly. Some kids give up early and they shift their interest to other things.

You need to participate actively in solving the games. You can give them directions to find the right patterns. Once they understand how to solve these games, they feel engaged with it and they try to solve it on their own.

Young ones love to do things alone. You can buy age-specific puzzle games that keep them maximum engaged with it. For toddlers and children less than 3 years old, you can opt for the wooden name puzzle games. Visit and explore the collections. They are offering quality games for their kids. The wooden name boards are made of superior quality wood that does not cause harm to your kid’s skin. also can use your child’s name for preparing the game. You can send your request to us early so that we can prepare the game as per your desire. Read our terms and conditions and contact us for more details.

We always believe that puzzle games are the best for your kids. Self-esteem is an emotion that should be there in a child’s brain. This makes the child grow with a determined soul. Puzzle games are self-correcting play. Kids make mistakes and correct them to reach their ultimate goals. It is an important skill that will help them in the future. For more details about the puzzles games and the wooden name puzzle, contact us.

Puzzles To Keep Your Kid’s Brain Sharp

Puzzles To Keep Your Kid’s Brain Sharp

Video games are taking the position of traditional games. For your kids, this will bring bad news because child experts always suggest minimizing screen time for kids. To keep them away from the video games and to help them grow some useful skills, you can shift your attention to the Wooden name puzzle games. They are interesting and your kids will love to play with them.

Puzzle games are designed to sharpen your kid’s brain. You can choose any puzzle as per the age of your child. Kids want to learn new things. They love adventure and they love solving a mystery on their own. Use their interest in the best way and make a learning environment for your kids.

Wooden name puzzle games introduce to them some of the most crucial skills like problem-solving nature, fine motor skills, and more.

Choosing the best games for your kids is a bit tricky. Understand the interest of your little ones and pick the piece that playfully engages them. For developing your kids’ brains, you will get many options available in the market. But we always warn you against selecting the video games for your kids irrespective of their importance in a child’s brain development.

If your baby is too small to understand the tricks of puzzle games, you can start with the simple ones. A Block build-up game is the easiest and fun game for your kids. These blocks come in different colors and sizes. Let your child build the blocks by adding their imagination. But when it comes to the brain development of your kids, puzzle games come first to the mind.

Wooden name puzzle games are the smartest choice that many parents choose. They are designed simply but attract the attention of your toddlers. Big alphabets are decked in different colors to make it attractive to your kids. Children in 2 to 4 years of age will enjoy these games. Preschoolers have the best benefits with the wooden name puzzle games. They learn about the alphabet and spelling and will perform well in their study also.

Institutions for kids’ educations adopt playful learning so that they can keep these little brains busy in learning new things through their plays. They choose puzzle games according to the age of kids and help them get critical knowledge of thinking and problem-solving attitude. comes up with an innovative idea to design their games. They keep the personalized gaming option open to the parents to design the wooden name puzzles. So, users can choose names for the puzzle games and we will inscribe that name on the wooden board.

We keep the sizes of alphabets large so that your toddler will not put them in their mouth while playing. We use non-chemical colors to protect your baby from allergic reactions. Moreover, we use the best quality wood for your play.

So, the wooden name puzzles can be the best gift for your kids. Besides being a learning game, these pieces can be counted as a decorative item. Make a wooden name puzzle with the name of your kids and hang them from your door or keep them on the table. It adds an artistic look.

How You Can Help Your Kid Solve A Puzzle Game?

How You Can Help Your Kid Solve A Puzzle Game?

Puzzle games develop your kids’ brains. They can understand things more clearly than others at their age. They can also instantly get knowledge about the objects. It is the best game for them because they love interesting things. You need to ensure that the puzzles you are buying serve your kid’s right interest. For a small baby, you can start with a wooden name puzzle. This game contains a few pieces that need to be assembled.

Your contribution to this game also matters a lot. Your directions, your verbal communications, and your instructions to solve the puzzles hold importance for your kid’s learning. Choose the right puzzles for your kids and let them enjoy the joy of solving a complexity.

There are different kinds of puzzle games available in the market.  Picture puzzles, jigsaws, and wooden name puzzles are the most popular ones. If your kid is a little older than the toddler age, you can introduce them with a picture puzzle. You will get different themes in the games. If your kids love animals, you can buy puzzle games that make a picture of an animal.

So, your contribution starts from the very beginning. You must pick the right option for your kids. For the older kids, you can pick the jigsaw games. They have pieces to be interlocked with each other. They are really tough for small babies. Wooden name puzzles are great if your baby just starts holding a thing.

Wooden name puzzle games have big pieces so that babies can hold them and place them in the right position. Puzzles that contain small pieces to be assembled can prove to be dangerous for them. Little ones have the tendency to put everything on their mouth and this is why you should not buy these puzzles.

Take a direct part in their games and help them solve the puzzles. You can also assemble the puzzle with them and can appreciate them for their every successful attempt. You can also give them verbal communication. This way, your kids will learn new words and can improve their vocabulary.

So, when you experience that your kids start getting the skills of solving puzzles, decrease your association with them. Let them solve the games alone. If you feel that your child gets enough knowledge about the puzzles, sit by their sides and silently watch them fixing the games.

Wooden name puzzles prove to be the best ones for the toddlers at the age of pre-schooling. has the best collection of puzzle games. They are made of wood and there are no sharp edges that can harm your baby’s soft skin. You can also design a personalized wooden name puzzle games. Submit the names to us and we make puzzles for you. Visit us for more details.

Puzzle Games For Kids’ Language Developments

Puzzle Games For Kids’ Language Developments

Puzzle games improve the language development skills of your kids. They will learn new words and can increase their vocabulary for better communication. For kids, everything is new to them. They want to learn new things. We hear different words and cute sentences from them that hardly have any meaning. Still, these are important for them because they are in the learning phase. Help them learn a few more words with a puzzle game. This is very important because your kid will communicate with you for solving puzzles. They want to talk about the games and they want to share their experience. All these are important for their language learning.

All children are not alike. They have a different nature. Some love to speak a lot. Some are quiet. Child development experts suggest that you must talk a lot with children. With this, they can adopt skills of listening and they will also learn words and phrases. Nothing can be better than a puzzle game when it comes to keeping your kids engaged with the language of communication.

Puzzle games come in different forms and themes. You must choose the game as per your kids’ interests. If they love animals, you can buy an animal-theme puzzle game. If they are too young, you can start with a few pieces of puzzle games. Go for the wooden name puzzles and help them learn colors, words, phrases, spelling and more. This kind of puzzle game proves to be very beneficial for your kids, especially for preschoolers.

Kids have inquisitive souls. They want to ask things that are new to them. After solving the puzzles, they want to talk a lot about the designs in the puzzle and more. Concentrate on their words and help them solve their queries. Participate actively in their games and help them solve puzzles by your verbal communication. has the best collection of the wooden name puzzle games to play. These games are made of the best quality so that your child can play with them safely. The best thing is that we are offering personalized wooden name puzzles that are made as per your child’s name. This can be a beautiful decorative item also.

For language learning, you can ask your child about the theme of the puzzles. For example, if it is a wooden name puzzle game, you can ask them about the colors, about the shapes of letters, and more. These games improve your child’s brain development. Visit and pick your puzzle game.

Grow The Problem-Solving Skills In Children With Puzzle Games

Grow The Problem-Solving Skills In Children With Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are the best options for your kids. These games teach them so many important skills at a very early age. From hand and eye movements to the recognition of shapes, these games come up with the best benefits for your kids. If you are looking for the right choices for your kid’s learning, you can pick a puzzle game. Your children learn playfully and they can also grow a clear thinking habit with these games. Problem-solving is another important skill these games offer. Your kids will learn to observe things and use the best strategy to solve the puzzles. This skill helps them be prepared for future challenges.

Kids learn things fast. Their brains remain clean, and that helps them learn things very easily. They question a lot because everything seems new to them. Use their inquisitive soul to help them learn some essential knowledge. Puzzle games improve brain development. They can show maturity in the thinking process even from a very early age.

Puzzles are all about solving a problem that is defined through the complexity of pieces to match with each other. To hold the interest of your kids, you need to pick the best options. Not every child likes similar things. Their preferences are different. So, choose the theme of the puzzles as per your kid’s age and interest. If you are buying the game for a toddler, you can start with a simple puzzle having a few pieces. Wooden name puzzles are the best options for this. It includes a few pieces to solve. Your baby can enjoy playing with these wooden name puzzle games.

But if your kid is old enough to solve jigsaw puzzles that need to interlock pieces with each other, you can buy the best one. The puzzle games come up with a different level of difficulty. You must choose the best one that offers interest to play. Remember that a problem-solving skill is a very essential one that leads to a quick-thinking process. Choose a puzzle game that your kid wants to solve. Consider their age for buying a game.

Initially, you can help your kid to solve the puzzles by giving some suggestions. You can give some basic instructions to sort the pieces by color and shapes. Sorting a strategy is a step to solve a problem. Buy a puzzle game and helps your kid learn new things. Improve their thinking habit also. is one of the best places from where you can buy puzzle games for kids. No matter how small your baby is, these games benefit every age. Choose the right option as per the difficulty level and let your little ones solve them. These wooden name puzzles are made of the best quality wood and the surface of the pieces is smoothened that does not irritate your child’s soft skin. Moreover, these games are also decorative pieces for your home. lets buyers choose the names to make on the wooden board. So, you can use your kid’s name for this. Explore our collections and learn about our products more.

Right Puzzle Games For 3 Years Old Children

Right Puzzle Games For 3 Years Old Children

Puzzles are the best learning games for your toddlers and kids. These games make them prepared for the future and help them grow some critical thinking skills from a very early age. Parents are choosing puzzle games over traditional choices to help the brain development of children. But if you fail to pick the right game for your kids, your puzzle games will serve no interest. helps you choose the right puzzle for your 3 years kid.

Puzzle games should be chosen as per the age of the players. Younger or little ones cannot handle so many pieces and cannot play with small pieces of puzzle games. They need big ones that are attractive in colors. This way they can build interest in the games.

Remember the age of your kid when you are buying a puzzle game. For your 3 years old kid, you can opt for the wooden name puzzles. These games have a few big pieces and your kids will love to play with them. This improves their skills a lot. Your little ones will learn how to grip a piece and how to put that piece into the place. Since it is the age of pre-schooling, this wooden name puzzles also help them to learn about alphabets and spelling. This is an added benefit that you can get.

These puzzle games also improve their cognitive skills. They can think clearly and can decide which piece meets the size and shape of the board. They will first make mistakes, but they will also proceed to the accuracy after getting the right knowledge of shapes and sizes.

This wooden name puzzle games cannot include many pieces. You have complete freedom to choose the number of pieces. Some manufacturers also allow you to inscribe your chosen name on the board for the puzzles. This is the best option that you must use. You can make puzzle games by your kid’s name and can let them solve the puzzles. This helps them learn the spelling also and you no need to put extra pressure on this.

With the puzzle games, your kid will also learn the fine motor skills that relate to the movement of hands and eye in a synchronized way.  Your kid will get the knowledge of different shapes and sizes and can put things in the right way. The fine motor skill is absent in very little ones. But, we unknowingly grow that skill with our age. This wooden name puzzle game is the best option for your kid’s learning if he/she is 3 years old. comes up with the best options when it comes to the wooden name puzzle games. You will get BALTIC BIRCH WOOD which is the best quality for the games and it does not harm your kid’s skin also. You must visit and explore other products for your little one’s play. 

Puzzle Games Improve Hand-Eye Coordination for Your Kids

Puzzle Games Improve Hand-Eye Coordination for Your Kids

Puzzle games incorporate complexity that helps your kid grow from a very early age. They learn different skills and they acquire unique knowledge to solve problems. If you want to gift your kid a learning childhood without disturbing the innocence of age, puzzle games are the best choice for you. These games come up with different levels of complexity for different age groups. If your baby is too small, you can start with the wooden name puzzle games. These games contain a few pieces that are required to put in the cutouts on the wooden board.

Among the important skills these puzzle games offer to your kids, hand-eye movement is one of the best ones.  It is the first skill that they need to learn before writing. When they successfully grip the small pieces, they can also easily hold a pen. Hand and eye coordination are necessary for writing on a page. When they get knowledge about how eyes follow the movement of a pen, they can write well. It is an important skill for improving handwriting also.

You can start early to make your little one prepared for his/her schooling experience. Gift them a wooden name puzzle game. Let them solve this easy complexity on their own. They can manage to solve a puzzle when they can successfully establish coordination between hand and eye movements.

Kids are absent-minded. They are doing things in their innocence. But puzzle games help them improve their concentration level. They choose pieces after observing the shapes and sizes and they place the pieces after deciding that right positions. So, they observe things through eyes and solve problems with their hand movements.

Buy puzzle games for your kids and improve their hand and eye movement skills. Let them solve these puzzle games independently. They will learn more things from their mistakes. For the grown-ups, they have already developed these skills. Your little ones who are at the age of pre-schooling can grow their hands and eye movements with the puzzle games. recommends you buy the wooden name puzzle games for your baby. These games are less problematic and have only a few pieces to put in place. Visit and pick your favorite games. Before buying these wooden name puzzle games, you need to make sure that the wood is in the best quality. Check the edges and smoothness of these pieces. offers you a customized solution for your puzzle games.

You can send us names to be inscribed on the wooden board for your customized puzzle games. You can also use the games as a decorative item for your home. Visit us to explore more collections.

Which Material Is The Best For Kid’s Puzzle Games

Which Material Is The Best For Kid’s Puzzle Games

Every mother tested a product several times before giving it to their child. Puzzle games are one of the best options for your kids’ play. Children will not develop any bad habits from games. Rather, they expose to so many important skills that help them in the future. Quality comes first when it is a baby’s gift. Their skin is so delicate that a harsh touch irritates their skin. Puzzle games come in a huge variety, not only from the theme perspective but also from the quality corners also. here mentions some of the important tips that you need for buying puzzle games.

Puzzle games come in wood, foam, cardboard materials. The choices are so huge that you will get confused about which one to select. So, here is a simple guide for you. When you choose cardboard materials, you can guess that cardboard is not durable and sturdy. Cardboard can easily be folded and babies have a peculiar habit to fold a  straight piece. So it can damage the game. Besides this, it tears easily and cannot meet your requirements very well. Cardboard is not the right material for puzzle games. The pieces do not stay right for long.

Foam pieces can be used instead of cardboard ones. Those who play jigsaw games find it easy to interlock the pieces when it is made of foam. But it is not completely safe for use by your baby. Foam materials and jigsaw games are not recommended at an early age as babies tend to put pieces in mouths, resulting in choking.

Wooden name puzzles prove to be the best option for your kids. They love to play with these games. Since puzzle games have different types, both inset and frame puzzles made of wood are very popular. You must choose the best game manufacturer that maintains a superior quality for the wooden name puzzles. is one of the popular companies, and it offers the best choices of wooden name puzzles for your baby. These games are designed in a simple way and are perfect for those little souls who don’t know about alphabets, spelling, and more. They leave no sharp edges and use the chemical-free colors to give it shining appeals. Check the materials if you have any doubts regarding the product quality.

Explore our collection and pick the one that meets your requirements. We are always open to your customized product. The wooden name puzzle board can hold the name of your toddler, and it will add extra fun to the game. Besides this, wooden name puzzles are also very interesting home décor items for your kid’s room. You need to choose the products carefully. Hang the board on the wall of your baby’s room. They will definitely love the piece. makes you aware of the MDF WOOD that is harmful to your baby. You must not choose the game made of MDF WOOD. BALTIC BIRCHWOOD is the high-quality material and the company always uses the wood for designing your customized wooden name puzzles.

Puzzle Games Are Best For The Shape Recognition

Puzzle Games Are Best For The Shape Recognition

Childhood is the age of learning. The brain of a kid is very smart. They can learn things very quickly. So, you must use this ability of your kid to help him/her learn something very important for their life. Child experts recommend puzzle games for your kid’s learning. These games are designed to develop the brain’s ability with some critical thinking processes. You can choose puzzle games as per your child’s age to offer the best interest of learning. Too easy or too difficult puzzles will not help your kids. So, you must know which game provides the best benefits to him or her. If it for your little one, you can buy a wooden name puzzle game. This includes very easy pieces of alphabets. To make him/her understand letters, these games prove to be very essential.

With puzzle games, children grow the knowledge of different shapes. They can learn how to distinguish shapes as per their appearances. They can understand that a circle looks round. A triangle has three lines. Education seems more interesting when it is learned through playfulness. These puzzle games are designed to target this learning process so that kids from an early age get fundamental knowledge about the appearance of different things.

Puzzles come up with different themes. You can choose anything that will benefit your kid’s learning. For toddlers, you can go with a picture puzzle or a wooden name puzzle. Understand their age requirement and expose them to the difficulty of puzzle games very interestingly. Shapes are different. There are circles, triangles, rectangles, and squares. For a kid, it is hard to distinguish between a rectangle and a square. But with time, they will understand that these two shapes are different from each other.

They slowly get an idea about the properties that define different shapes. Puzzles games are designed in uncountable numbers. Some are based on geometric shapes while some target the outline shapes of vehicles, animals or people.

When you choose jigsaw puzzles, you need to make sure that your kid will feel interesting to play the game. These puzzle games are more complex than a picture puzzle. Players need to interlock the puzzle pieces accurately. So, this game proves to be the best for grownups.

Wooden name puzzle games are common for kids and toddlers. These games help them learn alphabets very quickly.  Before your kid learns ‘A’, they have a general idea about its shapes. So, you can definitely buy these puzzle games. If you are teaching alphabets to your kids, these games hold a special interest. They learn how to spell. Apart from this, these games are also a decorative item for your house. is one of the most-visited online stores for buying puzzle games. They offer quality products and come up with a wide range of puzzle choices. They keep the customized game option open for you. This helps you design the wooden name puzzle with the name of your kid. So, this is a very interesting product to buy. If you are attending a kid’s birthday party, it can be a very good gift for him or her. To know more, visit

How To Choose The Number Of Pieces For Puzzle Games

How To Choose The Number Of Pieces For Puzzle Games

You may have learned the benefits of puzzle games for your kids. You want to buy them to gift your kid a learning childhood without making them feel any pressure. Don’t buy puzzles games in a hurry. Research a bit. Understand why your child needs a puzzle game to play. Consider their ages and then select a piece for them. There are many companies offering puzzle games in different themes. You can buy Wooden name puzzles games or pattern puzzle games for your kids. Think about the material of the game, also. If you need any help, you can visit to get game ideas.

The number of pieces in a puzzle game is very relevant to the growth and interest of your kids. The age definitely is one of the main factors and you must choose pieces as per the ability of kids. You cannot give a 6-old boy 100-piece puzzle games. It will be difficult to solve. Puzzle games must strike a chord with a child’s interest; otherwise, the importance of the game can never be felt. Start with easy puzzle games that do not have that much complexity. 

Don’t choose a puzzle game with a small number of pieces, especially when you are buying it for an older kid. The thumb rule is that for younger kids, you can buy a few numbers of pieces. You must higher the level of complexity for the older age.

Now there is one thing that you must keep in mind for your puzzle games.  Choose the right size for puzzle pieces. You will get a wide range of sizes. But, we believe that a younger child finds more interest in games with bigger pieces. It attracts their attention a lot. Choose the larger and thick pieces for you little gamers because it is easier for them to assemble those pieces rightly.

Read the labeling of the puzzle when you are buying. The age is mentioned in the game to make you aware that the puzzle is designed for a certain age group only. There is a reason for mentioning the age group. Some puzzles contain small pieces and they can cause harm to a baby because little kids always try to put things in their mouths. So, you need to make sure that you choose the right puzzle games for your kids.

Wooden name puzzle games are very popular for your kids. These games also help them to learn spelling and alphabets. With these games, they can recognize letters. They get the idea about shapes and sizes.

Puzzle games come in many versions. You must choose the best options for your kids. We suggest wooden materials for their play. comes up with the best wooden name puzzle games for your toddlers. These games are custom designed. You can send your name for making a wooden name puzzle. Apart from being a game, these wooden name puzzle boards also deliver a great view to the home interior beauty. Visit to explore products.  

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