Gift Your Child Wooden Name Puzzles

Gift Your Child Wooden Name Puzzles

Wooden name puzzles are made with the best quality to bring smiles on your kid’s face. These name puzzles are specially designed for improving the learning ability of your little masters so that they can recognize words and learn to spell correctly while enjoying the games. If you are planning to gift something unique to your child, a wooden name puzzle is the best toy to buy as they support education with fun. Visit and choose different wooden puzzles that can be personalized.

At, we take care of your requirement and since these products are made for your kid, we give special attention to create them by maintaining quality and appeal. Our designers and craftsmen are well aware of your baby’s soft skin and this is why we 100% real wood and non-toxic paint so that your child can play with the wooden name puzzles safely.

We keep the quality first and this is why are trusted by our clients we love to shop from us. We have buyers across the USA and the number is going and we give special thanks to our loyal customers who recommend this product to others. We continue to grow and we are thankful to you to have this support.

Some of the best-selling wooden name puzzles from our collection are described below. For gifting a kid, this is a special product.

Hanging Sign Door Name Puzzles:

Hanging Sign Door Name Puzzles

This hanging sign door with the wooden name puzzle decorates your kid’s room very well. Make them feel that they are an important member of a family and gift this personalized wooden name sign door that contains character up to 12 letters. At, we use Baltic birch wood which is the best quality among the available option. We always offer a high-standard product for your kids. Send your name and we prepare the best product for you. We believe in customer satisfaction and this is why you will get quality products only.

Sideways Name Puzzle:

Sideways Name Puzzle

This is another best-selling product from and we offer unique and quality products to you. If you are looking for a gift to attend a kid’s birthday, this is the best gift that helps him/her learn about letters while playing. This is an interesting educational toy that every little one loves to play with. Not all puzzles are the same in length. It depends on the length of letters.

Wooden Oval Shape Personalized Name Puzzle:

Wooden Oval Shape Personalized Name Puzzle

Your toddler loves to play with this personalized wooden name puzzle. Let him/her recognize the letters, learn spellings, and feel engaged in a learning game. This is a beautiful product made of quality wood polished with non-toxic paint. Every product maintains a smooth finish so that your kid can play with them safely. is the mother’s recommended site for buying and gifting educational games. You can explore our other products also.

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